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A change in circumstances may call for a modification of Orders

With the passage of time, family life changes.  Sometimes your final orders need to change too.  Under certain legal standards a child support or parenting plan may warrant a change.  Contact Attorney Belinsky to see if your situation meets that standard.


Child support awards and agreements made into orders or judgments are based on the circumstances of the parents at the time of the proceedings and the foreseeable needs of the child or children.  Changes in the lives of either parent or in the needs of the child may necessitate revisiting the amount of support awarded to account for these life changes.  Child support payments are intended to  your child or children the same quality of life they would experience if their parents continued to live together. When a parent’s financial circumstances improve or fail, the support order may need to be changed.  Perhaps something has changed for your child or children, a modification may be appropriate to better address those concerns.  Call to discuss how a modification of your court orders may be best for your family.

Reasons for modifying a support order

The desire or need to change a support order is often based on the changing circumstances of one of the child’s parents. In other cases, it is based on a child’s changing needs. Some of the many common reasons why parents seek to have the amount of support increased or reduced include:

  • Loss of a job or source of income
  • Increased income or inheritance
  • Incarceration of a parent
  • A need to support other children
  • Marriage
  • Disability of a parent
  • New educational expenses
  • Additional expenses for activities such as sports


As your child or children get older, parenting time may need to be adjusted to accommodate their ever changing schedules.  When direct discussions with the other parent does not work out, it may be time to modify your existing parenting plan.

Attorney Belinsky will discuss the standards needing to be met to make the changes and how your situation best fits those standards.  She brings thoughtfulness, sensitivity and creativity to these conversations and will advocate on your behalf for a good result.

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