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We remain open for business. Being small, we have a lot more control over our environment than perhaps others. There may, however, be times when working from home or at other off-sites is warranted. We are available by telephone or email throughout the workday. We are servicing many clients so we do ask for your patience, indulgence, and consideration if it takes a bit to respond to you.

If this Stay At Home Advisory or critical circumstances continues, we will be offering a version of video conferencing with clients and perhaps others via Our intention is to keep communications and contact, even if virtual, ongoing.

Unfortunately, the courts have essentially closed to normal work. From recent Orders and communications from the Trial Court, nothing of consequence will occur before May 1st. It may be that some matters can be heard via telephone conference or video conferencing. Since most of us, I believe, are not equipped for video conferencing, I believe most matters will be heard via telephone. In order to make this work, you will need to be at my offices for the call; the opposing party will need to be at his/her attorney’s office or if unrepresented available for the call. Exactly how this works is presently unknown but we will know when appropriate. This is new for the court personnel too but these are unusual times.

Pre-Trial Conferences are likely to be by telephone to avoid a huge pile-up of continued cases (it is up to the Court and the judge’s clerk to determine when and how the case will be postponed.) They do understand you have waited a long time but this is not a usual circumstance.

Because we won’t be at the court, we will not have access to probation to assist in settlement. So, our ability to settle is going to be limited to whatever both sides can negotiate and whatever comments/assistance the court will give us.

The bottom line, we all need patience; regardless of what we want, we are limited by these new court rules.
We are here to answer your questions and we will share whatever information becomes available, especially as it relates to your case.

Thank you.