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Representing Clients in all areas of

Family Law

Committed to providing you with reliable and knowledgeable attention to your legal matter

The Law Offices of Ilene B. Belinsky, P. C. is a respected law firm located in Brockton, Massachusetts.  Advocating for clients regarding divorce, modification and contempt complaints as well as alimony, custody and child support.

Appearing in all courts within the Commonwealth but primarily in Plymouth, Norfolk and Bristol Counties, we have the necessary skills to help you resolve your legal problem. We focus on your success.

Attentive to detail, thorough and communicative, resourceful and creative, motivated and caring.

With a thorough understanding of Massachusetts domestic relations law, we strive to get the best possible results.  Our practice areas:

  • Alimony: When you divorce, there are many decisions that you and your ex-spouse need to make, including financial support. Alimony, or spousal support, is a major part of divorce law.
  • Custody: When you are going through a divorce, the well-being of your children is always a top priority. With significant experience in all aspects of child custody law, you will be able to protect your parenting rights.
  • Child Support: When parents go through a divorce, they have to decide how to best support their children. How to calculate and reach a reasonable and appropriate support order is of prime importance.  You need a thorough and full review of both parents’ finances to achieve this.
  • Same-Sex Divorce: Dissolving your marriage can be stressful and overwhelming. You may be facing a variety of issues, different from traditional marriages.  An experienced attorney will provide guidance and advocate for the best interests of you and your family.
  • Paternity: Parents who have had children outside of marriage may have different hurdles to clear.  Establishing father’s rights including support, custody and parenting time calls for an advocate with experience and sensitivity.
  • Modification: As life goes on, your financial and personal situations may change. With the passage of time you may need to change or modify child support, child custody, parenting plans, visitation and alimony agreements to suit the best interests of you and your family.
  • Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements: Anticipating marriage requires attention to upcoming finances.  A pre-nuptial agreement can help couples establish the terms of a settlement agreement before marriage and a post-nuptial agreement can help disputes after marriage.  Both could protect both parties in the event of a later divorce.
  • Guardian Ad Litem: Divorces and other family disputes often necessitate the appointment of a Guardian Ad Litem to serve as an investigator and a voice for the children affected by the litigation. Attorney Belinsky has been selected by both parties and has been appointed by the Court to serve as effective guardian ad litem to investigate for the Court.
  • Child Support Modification: Child support agreements and orders are based on the financial circumstances of the parties. When those circumstances change, orders may need to be modified. Attorney Belinsky can discuss and review your current orders to see if a change is warranted.

When you retain the Law Offices of Ilene B. Belinsky, P. C., you can be assured that you will have quality, knowledge, and guidance.

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