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Family Law

When you encounter personal legal problems, you need an attorney who is straightforward, attentive and experienced.  Attorney Belinsky has been representing clients in the Probate and Family Court for more than 30 years, demonstrating a high level of skill and knowledge.  When you need to know your rights, the procedures for divorce or separation, custody or parenting plans, how to adopt a child or protect and secure yourself and your family, Attorney Belinsky is able to guide you. 

Whether your case proceeds to trial or is settled through negotiation with opposing counsel or, with her advice and consultation, through mediation, you will benefit from her direct, no nonsense approach  and courtroom savvy. 

• Divorce  
• Modification
• Contempt & Enforcement Actions
• Adoption
• Conservatorship & Guardianship

• Custody
• Alimony
• Child Support
• Legal Separation
• Change of Name 

• Visitation and Parenting Plans
• Paternity Actions
• Pre-Nuptial or Ante-Nuptial

Simple Wills & Estate Administration

Be sure your wishes are honored after your death with a properly drafted Last Will and Testament and during your lifetime with a Health Care Proxy. Attorney Belinsky and her staff works closely with you, so that you have a complete understanding of your legal options.  Your documents will be created to meet your needs and ensure your estate is administered in accordance with your instructions. 

With the death of a loved one, there are tasks and procedures required to properly administer an estate and probate a Will.  Attorney Belinsky and her staff are available to help you take care of these by preparing and filing all required paperwork, notifying heirs, creditors and interested parties, distributing assets, and closing out the estate.  

If a loved one's death leads to challenges over the Will or property distribution, Attorney Belinsky's experience and skill in this area will protect your interests.

• Simple Will
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Estate Administration 

• Will Contests
• Health Care Proxy
• Property Distribution 


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